1. Classic Wand

    The NuMe Classic Curling Wand will give you bigger, more voluminous waves, especially if your hair is longer than shoulder-length. Learn More

  2. Classic Wand Pearl

    The NuMe Classic Pearl Curling Wand is for the adventurous curl-seeker who loves to create different kinds of curls; from long beach curls, to spirals, and even to varying curl sizes thanks the barrel shape that alternates from 13mm to 25mm Learn More

  3. Classic Wand Reverse

    The NuMe Classic Reverse Curling Wand will give your hair a completely new look. Measuring 25mm to 13mm from tip to base, the curls made by the Classic Reverse will be small and tight closer to the top, and bigger and softer towards the bottom. Learn More

  4. Scarlett Curling Wand

    Shape and style your hair with intentional gorgeous waves and curls. Whether your style is flirty, sophisticated, or natural, silky smooth curls are bound to happen. Learn More

  5. Magic Wand

    The Magic Wand’s ultra smooth titanium surface is the strongest styling tool in your arsenal, thanks to the maximum heating capacity and holding power of high- quality titanium. Titanium is the strongest material with the highest ionic output, sealing in your hair’s natural moisture for the softest results. Learn More

  6. Technique Curling Wand

    Achieve ultimate softness, long lasting curls, and mirrored shine with The Technique Curling Wand. Learn More

  7. Love Wins Curling Wand

    Praised for its strength and beauty, titanium creates a kaleidoscope of spiraling styles that transcend traditional curling. Smooth out cuticles, polish, and enhance your beautiful locks with the highest output of negative ion technology. Curls have never been this radiant! Learn More

  8. Precious Metals Wand

    Turn up the opulence with our titanium chromatic curling wand, and discover luxurious curls with flawless definition. Learn More

  9. Pentacle

    Add a twist to your style with NuMe's unqiue crimper, the Pentacle. The Pentacle is one of NuMe's most unique tools, creating "V" shaped crimps in your hair that add Hollywood glam to your look. When you want to curl instead of crimp, simply lock the clasp and you have the biggest barrel available (45mm) to create full, voluminous curls. Learn More